Protect your home and savings from nursing home costs

Currently, the average cost in Rhode Island for private payment in a nursing home is $8,643.00 per month or $103,716.00 (Source: RI DHS Code Section 0384.20).  Can you imagine the stress and financial devastation this causes?  Writing check after check to the nursing home with no end in sight.

Is your family protected if you need nursing home care? What's your current plan to protect your family if you need nursing home care?  Is it to pray that nothing happens?  A lot of people want to take action to secure their family's financial security, but they are not sure what to do or where to start.  You are not alone.

Discover the legal options may be surprised.  Please give us a call or consider attending one of our FREE educational workshops to learn about the current options available to pay for nursing home care and steps you can take right now that may help you protect your home and savings from being wiped out from high nursing home costs.